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Our Story

At Birdhaven Studio, our dedication to hair and beauty runs deep. Our team, comprised of professional stylists, barbers, and nail technicians, has been meticulously chosen to ensure you receive unparalleled service. We believe that hair and beauty transcend mere treatments; they're immersive experiences. Our journey began with a vision to elevate the standard of hair salons in Birdhaven. Today, we're not just realizing that dream but also continuously innovating and redefining the boundaries of hair and beauty.

Recent times have seen Birdhaven Studio undergo significant transformations. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, our establishment changed hands multiple times. Now, under fresh and dynamic ownership, we're proud to maintain strong ties with Jean Claude, the original maestro behind "Hair Artiste" - the predecessor to Birdhaven Studio for over 30 years.

Recognizing the evolving needs of our clientele, we've broadened our horizons. We've delved into the realm of professional barbering, even introducing brand-new barbering chairs to enhance your grooming experience. Furthermore, in our quest to offer a holistic beauty experience, we've forged partnerships with nail specialists. Now, we're thrilled to present top-tier nail services, with a special emphasis on premium brands like Gelish and Morgan Taylor.

Come visit Birdhaven Studio, and discover why we're not just a salon, but a legacy of excellence and innovation.

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